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I got this award (below) from the Dragon Fairies for competing in the Dome! (7/6/98)


Well, I am no longer competing in the Site Fights. With school and stuff, I decided I should take some time off so that I can get settled in and everything. If I find that I have enough spare time to rejoin the Site Fights, then I will! But for now, I will remain a spectator. I also am no longer a Spirit and a Wee One...I just didn't have time. I enjoyed my time in the Fights and you all will definitely see me around! Please support my fellow dragons, whom I am still loyal to. If and when I rejoin the Site Fights, it will be with the Darksbane Dragons. They are the team for me! RRROOOAAARRR!!!!

Even though I guess I am no longer an "official member" of the Darksbane Dragons, I am still a dragon at heart. Being in The Site Fights has been a great experience. I will continue to do my best to support my fellow dragons. I have posted here most of the cheers that I have written! You can see here my two adopted dragon guardians. They watch over this page and help to spread spirit!

I won the Spirit Award on 6/26/98!! Yea!

A Hatch Helper is a more experienced dragon that agrees to help us young ones in the nests. It is a great way to make a new friend and get some pointers along the way. Both will help each other out with spirit, votes, and support each other through their time at the Fights. I had a Hatch Helper, Suzann (You can visit her page here). My first hatchling was DX of DX's Beach. My second hatchling was Drew of ASK DR STUPID.

Here are some cheers I wrote...don't laugh too hard! ;) And look! I have won two cheering awards! Many thanks to ~*D Scary Fairy*~ and the Dragon Fairies of Darksbane! I won the DFD one on 6/13/98. Click on the link below these two cheers to see the rest that I have written!

I am a DRAGON,
I shake the place from the
ceiling to the floor!
I stand tall and proud
for who I am.
I vote for many and support them.
Why not do as I do?
Be friendly like a dragon
and vote for others!
Help me score, help me win!
I am a DRAGON,

(This cheer was featured on the dragon cheers page!)
Come on Dragons,
Let's hear you roar!
Shake the house
from the ceiling
to the floor!
We dragons are friendly
but we're a fighting bunch.
Now come on give it
some extra punch!
Roooooar loud
for we are dragons,
be proud and don't be
afraid to show it!
Click here to see the rest of my cheers!

Come on everyone! Show your spirit and SHOUT IT OUT! Let that spirit soar...give a great big RRROOOAAARRR!!

And here are some spirit sticks that were given to me to pass on to others! Everyone help in passing the friendly spirit of The Site Fights on! The one on the left was left for me after my site was dusted by a fairy!! :)

[Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick]
[Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick] [Spirit Stick]

I was a Wee One until I turned 18. :) I was ~*Wee One Dimple*~ for the DContenda's! It was really cool! I got to spread the spirit of the Site Fights even more! Go DContenda's!

And I was also a Spirit! I got to spread the spirit of the Site Fights even more by dusting new fighters guestbooks! I was ~*~ Spirit Dimple ~*~!

And for a short period of time I was a Quill for the Inkwell at the Darksbane Dragons! I was Riven Quill! The Quills' job is to do guestbook signing party calls, sign the guestbooks, and lead chats. It was a lot of fun while I was free to do it!

I won a spirit award! Thank you Fairy Enchantra!! And I received the Spirited Dragon of the Week award! Thank you!!

Here are awards presented to me for being a Spirit and a Wee One!

I adopted a Spirit Baby!

Go see the rest of my Site Fight adoptees! Click here. They love having company, and they are all adorable!

[Made With Spirit]

Be sure to visit The Site Fights main site and the official page for my team, The Darksbane Dragons! We appreciate your enthusiasm and support! Be sure to vote for them in the fights!

To vote for some Dragons, check out the roster by clicking on the graphic below! (Please do!)

[Vote for Darksbane Dragons!]

Good luck to all competitors in the Site Fights, and especially to members of the team Darksbane Dragons! Woo hoo! Go Dragons!!

"Need some help with support? Join The New Light Force, and exchange votes with others!! Lots of fun, and great for your scores!!"

To see almost all of the cute dragons that I have adopted, Click here! They love to have visitors! They are all quite friendly, even if some come across as ferocious!

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