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Please don't laugh at any of my poetry if you can help it. I know it is not very good. I don't like writing poetry all that much, but most of these were for a creative writing class. Soon I will post more stuff here. I hope you enjoy the few things that are here. And if you have any constructive criticism to offer, feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know! :)

(September 1997)
What Now?
(September 1997)
(September 1997,
revised Spring 1998)
(Spring 1998)
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
(Spring 1998)
(Spring 1998)
(Spring 1998)
The Wizard
(Spring 1998)
The Rose
(Spring 1998)
Battles of the Mind
(Spring 1998)
Late Night on a Computer
(Spring 1998)
(November 1998)

One of my poems, The Rose, was selected to be published on the Poetry Express webpage! The Poetry Express now no longer exists.

Two of six poems that I submitted to Images Inscript, a poetry e-zine, were selected to be published! You can see the web version of the e-zine with my poems in it at this site. The ones selected were Depression and Jumbled.

Short Stories/Prose

A little bit of hope goes a long way
(Spring 1998)
The Truth is Out There
(Spring 1998)
Day in the Life of a Dust Bunny
(Spring 1998)
Day in the Life of a Cyber Fairy
(Spring 1998)
(Spring 1998)
Lessons Learned
(Spring 1998)

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